FALL 2017 3MR

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Learning together

Fall 2017 3MR was an awesome time full of learning and fellowship. Our guests received classes in survival, the outdoors, and emergency preparedness.


Everyone wants to be a mountain man...

Spring 2017 3MR

So, what is a Modern Mountain Man Rendezvous (3MR)? Well, don’t let the name fool you, this rendezvous is for men, women and children. The events give everyone a chance to get together and get back to some of the basic outdoor and primitive living skills that unite us. More importantly, this event has brought many people from different walks of life together for a weekend of learning, sharing and bonding in one camp. The event was held in Warner Springs with the help of our friend Alex of Broken Oak Ranch  who graciously allowed 3MR to use again.

April 7-9 was a special weekend for 3MR. This marked the second annual Modern Mountain Man Rendezvous. More importantly 3MR made lasting friendships that insured the success of the second annual rendezvous. People cannot say enough good things about this event or the great organizations and individuals that came together to make it happen. From last year’s event, 3MR saw the networking group: San Diego Outdoor Network emerge. Additionally Triple B Adventures, a nonprofit focused on getting veterans and active duty military outdoors was created from this excursion. In the short time that Triple B has existed (November 2016), this organization has led five camping trips, three hunting trips, and has accumulated hundreds of hours of community service! From 2017 and forward all Modern Mountain Man Rendezvous’ proceeds have gone to support the Triple B Adventures cause to help veterans.