In the beginning...

3MR Started with the idea of just a bunch of folks getting together at a group campout.  Through hanging out, and sharing stories we realized that this fellowship and camradierie was missing in our lives.  Jonathan Heffron got together with Brady Pesola from the San Diego School of Survival and in that conversation together they came up with the idea of a Rendezvous. The goal was to bring folks together with all different skill sets in a outdoor setting and spend a 3 day weekend learning and teaching outdoor living skills. With a lot of help from our family and friends and our great vendors like Kit Fox Outfitters we put together a event that we decided to call the Modern Mountain Man Rendezvous. We wanted to be inclusive to all folks and skill sets to come out spend time in a safe family setting and enjoy the fellowship of like minded folks that love the outdoors.


An alliance born out of Brotherhood

Modern Mountain Man is the natural evolution of Triple B Adventures, a non-profit aimed at giving veterans a chance to experience fellowship and camaraderie in the outdoors.  Triple B Adventure events is a chance for veterans to get together in a scenic environment to share in stories and laughter without judgment. It is mentorship and fellowship to help the young ones find their way through the civilian wilderness and a chance for the older ones stop and rest their feet.

What does it mean for you?

The ticket proceeds from each Modern Mountain Man event goes directly to Triple B Adventures. Your participation in 3MR ensures Triple B can continue operating and helping veterans in need.