I am not a veteran or a Triple B Adventures member may I still come?

Absolutely Yes! We welcome all to come, active duty military, veteran or civilians to share and enjoy a wonderful weekend of camping and activities. 

Is it ok if I come solo?

We have lots of people that attend the events alone, so you certainly won’t stand out. If you are attending alone and a bit anxious please let a volunteer know so they can introduce you to some of the other people who are in the same boat and make you all feel comfortable and welcome!

I would like to bring my family are there any age restrictions?

No, there are no age restrictions, this is a family fun event for all ages. All we ask is to please be responsible for your own children there will not be child care available at the event.

I love my pet and they are part of the family are animals welcome?

No, unfortunately for this event ONLY registered service animals will be permitted.

What payment methods & how to book online?

The payment method available through our website is PayPal. When a transaction is submitted a confirmation, email will be sent followed by another email once payment is processed stating your order has shipped. Please remember to bring a hard copy to the event as proof of receipt (see details in I don’t own a printer to print out my ticket?).

I don’t own a printer to print out my ticket?

It is best practice to have a hard copy of your confirmation if you purchased your ticket any time after Thursday, October 12th at 11:59 PM. We will already be on-site and have limited internet availability to download in new/recent purchase so to avoid any confusion on checking in please bring a hard copy of items purchased (parking passes, event tickets and t-shirts).


I’d prefer not to pay online; can I just turn up and pay at the door?

We recommend people pay online to guarantee their place and to ensure we cater for the correct number of campers. However, you will be able to simply show up the day of and we will accept credit card and cash payments PROVIDED SPACE IS STILL AVAILABLE and the event has not sold out. Please check our website for updates!

I pre-ordered a t-shirt and received a notice my order has shipped will it arrive prior to the event?

No, all t-shirts will be available for pick up at registration. The email received “Order Shipped” is your complete order confirmation. It is recommended to please bring this hard copy as proof of order to receive your shirt and minimize any confusion the day of the event.  

I like camping but also enjoy the comforts of home, are RVs welcome?

No, the site doesn’t have the space or ability to accommodate RVs for this event.

I don’t have 4-wheel drive will I need it to get to the event and park?

No, the event and parking are located off the main road.

How will I know where to park?

Not only will we have clearly marked areas with signage but parking volunteers will also be present to assist.  

Will there be restrooms?

Yes, portable toilets will be on-site.

Will there be food available?

Yes, there will be a food vendor on-site as well as other vendors selling camping food. We recommend bringing your own food and drink.


What is the policy on weapons?

3MR is a family friendly event, please use common sense, ALL persons, including law enforcement personnel not present in an official capacity are prohibited from bringing weapons to the event. Subject to prior approval but are not limited to: firearms; explosives; stun guns; brass knuckles; clubs; batons and other items deemed as potential weapons. Guests found in possession of the above-mentioned items will be asked to leave the event.

Will I be able to have a campfire at my own campsite?

NO campsite campfires will be permitted but we will have a few group campfires so that everyone can enjoy and make some smores.  

What do I need to bring?

We recommend the basic gear list below:


     Sleeping Bag

     Seeping Pad

     Hygiene Items (tooth brush, tooth paste, baby wipes, etc.)

     Cooler with Ice

     Food, Snacks and Drinks

     Water (for both hygiene and drinking)

     Cold Weather Gear (thermal under layers, jackets, wool socks, warm hat)

     Rain Coat

     Headlamp or Flashlight (bring extra batteries)

     Any camping or survival gear that you would like to test out now is the    

             opportunity to bring because this is the place and people to help you.